Select base metals decline on lower demand

PTI/Agencies, New Delhi
14/06/2018   0 Comments

Select base metals, including copper, brass and zinc declined further at the non-ferrous metal market today following stockists selling amid lower demand from industrial users. While, nickel recovered modestly owing to renewed demand from alloy industries. Brass sheet cuttings slipped by Rs 5 to Rs 362 per kg from Wednesday's closing level of Rs 367.

Copper armature and copper sheet cuttings edged down by Rs 2 to Rs 472 and Rs 470 per kg each as against Rs 474 and Rs 472, previously. Copper cable scrap, copper scrap heavy, copper billets, brass utensils scrap and zinc softened by a rupee per kg each to Rs 489, Rs 482, Rs 517, Rs 344 and Rs 240, respectively. However, nickel gained by Rs 5 to Rs 1,085 per kg as compared to Rs 1,080 yesterday.


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