BT Journalist's book on 'Indian Political Scenerio' launched

Renuka Malhotra, New Delhi
28/01/2015   0 Comments

Muhammad Zulqarnain Zulfi, a correspondent at Bureaucracy Today magazine has introduced his first book based on Indian Political Scenario titled ‘Effects and Implications of Coalition Governments on Indian Politics’

An engineering drop out and a journalist-by-choice Zulfi holds more than four years of experience in the Indian Media industry. He has a profound experience of working with media giants like The Indian Express, Hindustan Times and Bureaucracy Today. As a political enthusiast, he has also covered conflict and crime in Jammu and Kashmir. With his first book release, Muhammad Zulqarnain Zulfi wants to “uncover the truth”, tells Bureaucracy Today

The Book caters to question the episode of attack on Indian Parliament which was recorded live on CCTV. Two prominent Member of Parliament, Kapil Sibal and Najma Heptullah, demanded the projection of CCTV recording to the members. They said that there were several confusions about the details of the event. The then chief whip of the Congress party, Priyaranjan Dasmunshi, said, "I counted six men getting out of the car. But only five were killed. The closed circuit TV camera recording clearly showed the six men." If Dasmunshi was right, why did the police say that there were only five people in the car? Who was the sixth person? Where is he now? Why was the CCTV recording not produced by the prosecution as evidence in the trial? Why it was not released for public viewing?

The book will provide the readers an insight to the events and how the attack unfolded. It is available online at at a price of 59.9 Euro (Rs 4,167 approximately) while its printable copy much cheaper is expected to be out in the Indian market by February 2015.


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