No Relief for Mehul Choksi

01/09/2020   0 Comments

The Delhi High Court dismissed the Writ Petition filed by Mehul Choksi. It primarily sought a direction to MEITY to regulate the content of the series Bad Boy Billionaires' which, according to Mehul Choksi, an accused in the nearly 2 billion PNB scam, is prejudicial to the legal cases pending against him and also to his reputation and goodwill.

The trailer of the said Series is streaming on Netflix indicates the same to be a documentary series covering the controversies of India's biggest tycoons i.e., Vijay Mallya, Neerav Modi, Subrato Roy, and Raju Ramalingam. The Series was due for release on Netflix on September 2, 2020, and accordingly, Choksi had also sought for an injunction and/or pre-screening of the Series as interim relief.


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