New traffic-rules fine but fines for violation need dilution

Madhu Aggarwal, New Delhi
04/09/2019   0 Comments

It refers to steep and unreasonable hike in fines for traffic-violation even for petty violations which at times are unavoidable. Of course, fine of rupees 100 was too small and people in general did not care to obey traffic-rules because of such petty fine. But hiking it suddenly in range of rupees 1000-1500 will induce large-scale corruption because people will find it advantageous to pay a part of such heavy fine to traffic-policemen on duty rather than having a big hole in their pockets that too in cumbersome court-proceedings. 

Traffic-fines for normal traffic-violations should be maximum rupees 500. For serious offences like drunken driving or allowing driving by minor children, fine can be rupees 5000-10000. There are practical instances when violation of crossing zebra-lines is due to sudden turning of red light to orange light. New traffic-rules must have taken care of such instances. Moreover even when traffic-fines were low previously, holding regular traffic-courts allowed violators to skip even earlier smaller fines.

Need is to discourage automobile-sector (rather than encouraging in name of economic slowdown) so as to decongest road and parking space from ever-increasing vehicles on roads.


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