Trump mulls how to keep up fight

09/11/2020   0 Comments

President Donald Trump never admits defeat. But he faces a stark choice now that Democrat Joe Biden has won the White House: Concede graciously for the sake of the nation or don't and get evicted anyway.

After nearly four tortured days of counting yielded a victory for Biden, Trump was still insisting the race was not over.
He threw out baseless allegations that the election wasn't fair and illegal votes were counted, promised a flurry of legal action and fired off all-caps tweets falsely insisting he'd WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT."
While some in his circle were nudging Trump to concede graciously, many of his Republican allies, including on Capitol Hill, were egging him on or giving him space to process his loss at least for the time being.
Trump has not lost, declared South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham in an appearance on Fox News Channel's Sunday Morning Futures, rejecting the reality of the situation.
Do not concede, Mr. President. Fight hard," he urged.


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