Defying China's wrath, Czech senator delivers Taiwan speech

01/09/2020   0 Comments

 Defying anger from China, the president of the Czech Republic's Senate addressed Taiwan's national legislature on Tuesday, offering a strong rebuke to authoritarian politics and Beijing's increasingly aggressive foreign policy.

Milos Vystrcil concluded a speech that underscored shared democratic values by proclaiming in Mandarin that I am Taiwanese, a throwback to former US President John F Kennedy's famed 1963 anti-communist speech in a then-divided Berlin in which he declared he was a Berliner.
Beijing is furious about the Czech delegation's visit, with the Foreign Ministry summoning the Czech Republic's ambassador in the country to lodge stern representations on Monday and saying the visit amounted to flagrant support of Taiwan independence .
China claims Taiwan as its own territory and strongly objects to any official contact between its diplomatic allies and the self-governing island.


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