Malaysia's final bid for delay in trial

PTI/Agencies, New Delhi
11/02/2019   0 Comments

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was putting a final bid on Monday to delay the start of his trial on the 1MDB scandal, which contributed to the defeat of his government in the election defeat. Najeeb is due for the first time on Tuesday for allegations of going on trials that he was involved in the loot of the Malaysian Sovereign Money Fund 1MDB in the scam spread across the world. Thousands of dollars were stolen from the fund allegedly by Najib and his colleagues, who were established to help develop the economy of Malaysia, and everything from high end real estate to expensive art works was spent .

One of the major reasons for the loss of the ruling coalition in the elections held in May was the scam. Since losing power, Najib was arrested repeatedly and was killed with a total of 42 charges related to 1MDB. He has refused to do the wrong thing. The trial begins on Tuesday, on seven charges related to the charges, Najib earned 42 million ringgit (USD 10.3 million) from SRD International, former unit of 1MDB. But his lawyers have filed an application for hearing for pending appeals on a technicality related to the transfer of charges between different courts. The Court of Appeal is due to rule on the application later on Monday.

It is just one of the many tests, which is expected to face more than 1MDB, and this includes a part of total perpetual stolen from the fund. But the beginning of the trial will be an important moment, and after the criticism the pressure on the new government can be relieved that more work than 1MDB has slowed down. Far from being silent, in the recent weeks a strange propaganda has gone on Blitz, in which a cover was exhibited with R & B hit singers of the 1970s, the new government was attacked on social media and people themselves Demanded to be presented as.


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