Iran made mobile for mobile, daughter of Huwei's owner arrested

Staff reporter, New Delhi
06/12/2018   0 Comments

Canadian Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of China's Huawei Technologies has been arrested. On the Chinese company Huwai, the United States has alleged that it has violated U.S. sanctions. On Wednesday, the Canadian Court ruled that CFO Meng Wenzhou is preparing to extradite America.

Canadian law department spokesman Ian McLood told that Meng Wanzhou was arrested from Vancouver in British Columbia on Saturday, saying that the US is seeking extradition. However, court official McLood said that detailed information could not be given due to restrictions on the transmission of information in this case.

It is worth noting that the Wall Street Journal reported earlier in the year that the US is investigating the violation of sanctions against Iran by the Chinese company Huyi. According to Reuters sources, the Chinese company is accused of violating the US ban. The US claims that the company has done the job of sending the consignment of Hoi Ani phones manufactured to the US to some other countries including Iran.


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