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    January 2018

The Year That Was


The year 2017, like all other years, saw many ups and downs
and in-betweens in all sectors of India. However, one intertesting
aspect of 2017 had been the bureaucracy and the babus
who remained in the spotlight all through the year.

As we enter the New Year, our Cover Story in this edition brings
to the readers glimpses of some bureaucrats who hogged the limelight
in the year gone by for reasons as varied as cleaning a toilet,
good looks, athletic feat, fight against human trafficking, slamming
Pakistan, innovative governance initiative and cheating in
a UPSC exam.

The year 2017 has also been an eventful period for the Indian political
corridors. The Assembly elections in Gujarat and Himachal
Pradesh were a matter of hot debate and immense speculations. In
Himachal Pradesh, the “Vijay Rath” of the Shah and Modi brand
of politics prevailed riding over the anti-incumbency wave against
the Congress Government. In Gujarat, though the ruling BJP secured
the fourth consecutive term successfully, its victory came
after much hard work by the top-line leadership. The election outcome
from Gujarat also suggests a possible backlash in the rural
areas against the ruling dispensation. The prime reason for the
poor show from rural constituencies can be the falling agricultural
income due to stagnant agricultural commodities prices and rising
input costs, and also the depressed state of SME and MSME industries
due to cash crunch caused by demonetisation and the forced
formalization imposed due to the GST.

Besides, this edition of Bureaucracy Today also brings you different
perspectives across the widespread sectors, including that
of finance and investments. How the real estates, especially the
residential property market and the logistics sector, fared in infrastructure
space, what are the promises made by emergent trends in
technology which include Artificial Intelligence, automation and
cloud computing, how gender justice and women empowerment
could be ensured in a diverse society like that of India and how
the Modi Government faced a consistent challenge on the economic
front due to sticky inflation and an unimpressive job growth rate
are the significant issues which BT covers with valuable insights.

The end of the year 2017 is the perfect time to express my gratitude
to all the BT readers for showering their love and consistent support.
I wish you a very happy New Year 2018. May this year bring
you lots of love, happiness and prosperity. May our bonds continue
to grow like this for all the coming times.

Suhaib Ilyasi
Acting Chief Editor


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3/9/2018 10:47:30 PM

the indian education sector is still infant specialy in the rural areas with a lion,s appetite of the indian rurals to education still untapped and starved for vocationally guided education for instant livelihoods. any national government regime is unfinished till the rural education appetite is not given its due platters of vocationally guided education. of the digital global economy india cannot stand up without its rurals eduacated dignity. so genuine efforts from indian media are greately appreciated. jaihind.

3/4/2018 7:01:46 AM

i appreciate journalist suhaib illaysiji pioneering ideology as in his crime television serial, bureaucracy today magzine. illaysiji dare to challenges. i simply admire him for pure gusts and hope the national youth follow suit his journalism skills. jaihind.

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