India-UK business will not be affected by brakesite: Simon

PTI/Agencies, New Delhi
11/02/2019   0 Comments

In South Asia, British business commissioner Crispin Simon has said that business relations between India and the UK are not likely to be affected after the braxith. He said that Britain was allowed to establish a new trading agreement outside the European Union after the breakfet. He said that bilateral trade between UK and India is growing at 17% per year. Although trade balance was in favor of the UK, "the new business deal will have a positive effect." He said that regional sector of bilateral trade between the two countries is technology, finance and renewable energy, for which green finance was available. He said that imports in India was US $ 13 billion, while export from India was 12 billion US dollars, he said. "There is a demand for green finance in India", Simon said.


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