Campus K, the Next Generation School in Chennai

PTI/Agencies, New Delhi
09/02/2019   0 Comments

Campus K is one of the most innovative International schools in Chennai, which provides Personalised Learning Plans for every student with emphasis on real world Project Based Learning. Campus K is a K-12 progressive school that is actively using innovation to power the pursuit of knowledge. Following the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) commonly known as IGCSE curriculum, Campus K combines the expertise of academicians and child development psychologists, to provide an educational ecosystem that fosters the next generation of leaders. Each student is taught in a manner that prepares them for the real world. The Personalised Learning Plans (PLP) offered at Campus K is a comprehensive child-centric academic programme designed by experienced educators, child psychologists and school leaders to empower the child. Through PLP, Campus K creates a customised and unique learning plan for each child, based on their learning styles, learning needs, learning speed, passion, and interests.

Campus K is the first project-based learning school in Chennai which follows the Cambridge International Examination (CIE), commonly known as IGCSE that prepares learners for academic, personal and career success, and readies young people to rise to the challenges of the 21st century. Students work on a project over an extended period of time that spans from a couple of weeks to months, engaging them in solving real-world problems to exploring answers to complex questions. They demonstrate their knowledge and skills by developing a product or building a presentation that is tested in front of a real audience. For every project, learners get feedback from experts who mentor and share their experiences with them.

As a result, learners develop deep knowledge in their field, as well as enhance their critical thinking abilities, creativity, and communication skills in the context of doing an authentic, meaningful project. This real world project-based approach to education sets Campus K apart from even the top IGCSE schools in Chennai. Campus K is the first school in Chennai to have flexible learning spaces where curriculum and learning spaces are aligned with each other, thereby creating the perfect learning environment. The Wifi-enabled smart campus has other unique facilities for children like, Maker-space and Innovation Labs, Multi-sport arena, Farm-to-table cafeteria, High-tech security facilities for students' safety, GPS-enabled transport facility.

Yogin Pari, Co-Founder, Campus K says, "At Campus K, we understand the changing needs of education in the 21st century and take on the challenge of identifying each learner's unique potential to make them world-class leaders and innovators. Our learning spaces, curriculum, technology and organizational structure are specifically designed to support this vision of ours." "Our teachers or facilitators have the time to meet with learners on a one-on-one basis and chart out personalized content to suit their interests. The facilitators also personalize strategies by understanding each child from a social and emotional context to accelerate each child's learning, thereby helping them unleash their full potential in their unique area of interest," adds Gautham Vibu, Co-Founder.


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