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Reform, perform and transform: PM

Amit Kumar, New Delhi
21/04/2017   0 Comments

Prime Minister Modi has said political will is needed for reform, but the perform part of the formulation “reform, perform and transform” must come from civil servants, while transformation is enabled by people’s participation. 
Addressing the civil servants on the occasion of the eleventh Civil Services Day today, the PM emphasized the importance of competition, which brings qualitative change. He said that the sooner the attitude of Government can change from regulator to enabler, the faster this challenge of competition will become an opportunity. 
The Prime Minister urged senior officers to ensure that experience does not become a burden that stifles innovation of younger officers. 
Modi said that anonymity is one of the greatest strengths of the civil services and cautioned officers that the use of social media should not lead to a decline in this strength.
The Prime Minister reminded the Civil Servants that national interest should be the touchstone for taking a decision. 
Recalling that the year 2022 would mark 75 years of independence, he urged civil servants to play the role of catalytic agents in fulfilling the dreams of freedom fighters. 

Ten bureaucrats have been honoured with the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration by PM Narendra Modi on the occasion of the eleventh Civil Services Day today, Bureaucracy Today has learnt.



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