The RBI board stores all the issues on the agenda, but does not make any announcement

Staff reporter, New Delhi
15/12/2018   0 Comments

Under the new governor Shaktikant Das, the first meeting of the Central Board of the Reserve Bank was mostly concerned with taking stock in the regulatory body, which is facing pressure from the government on various issues. Although no decision was made by the Board after the meeting on Friday, but some measures to reduce the tension in the financial system and increase the flow of money to small and medium enterprises can go on in the next few days, people familiar with the people Said case.

In the meeting organized at the headquarters of the Reserve Bank of India in Mumbai, there was a debate on the various issues of industry from liquidity to credit distribution, but less stopping than announcing specific measures. One of the major issues - RBI's governance framework - was discussed but it was uncertain on the future size of the board. In a release, the RBI said, "The Board discussed the governance framework of the Reserve Bank and it was decided that the matter needs further examination."


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