For the first time in 20 years, India has moved ahead of foreign investment

Staff reporter, New Delhi
07/12/2018   0 Comments

In case of foreign investment, the current year is proving to be very good in India compared to China. According to the statistics, in South Asian countries, India is going to have more investment than China in almost two decades. According to data from the Global Financial Content Consulting Company Diiologique, during this year, where foreign companies have invested $ 38 billion in India, they have taken a stake in Indian companies. During this time, only $ 32 billion was invested in foreign companies in Chinese companies. This investment of foreign companies in India has happened in the consumer and retail sector.

It is worth mentioning that this week Indian company Hindustan Unilever had acquired Horlicks, the flagship brand of the pharma giant, GalaxosmithKline (GSK) Consumer, while knocking Nestle. For this acquisition, HUL has to spend Rs 31,700 crores. Apart from this, Indian IT giant HCL has announced the acquisition of key IT major IBM 8 software. A statement released by HCL said that the deal is getting at $ 1.8 billion (about 12,780 million). Earlier, on the basis of May Revenue, Walmart, the world's largest company, bought Indian e-retail giant Flipkart. This deal was done by both companies at $ 16 billion (1,07200 crore). 

American retail giant Walmart has taken a 77 percent stake in Flipkart and it is the biggest deal in India's e-commerce history. Along with this deal, Walmart became the largest multinational company in India.  In view of these latest trends of foreign investment, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) economist had recently expressed the hope that during the coming years, where foreign investment in China will be seen in decline, India will have more than 7% growth Investment will be seen increasingly. The IMF had claimed that this change in the trend of global investors is getting noticed due to trade flows between the US and China and foreign investors are now preparing to play bets on India instead of China.


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