Do not make it Sewage Treatment Plant, NGT's Water Board Order - Submit 5 Million

Staff reporter, New Delhi
30/11/2018   0 Comments

The National Green Tribunal (NGT), angry with the non-availability of STP (sewage treatment plant) in Indrapuri area of ??Delhi, has asked the Delhi Jal Board to deposit Rs. 5 crore CPCB. The NGT told the Delhi Jal Board that if STP is not created in Indrapuri area by May 2019, then it will confiscate the 5 crores of CPCB deposited. In fact, there was a case of dirty drainage water in Indrapuri area. The Delhi Jal Board had assured the NGT that STP would be made in Indrapuri area but neither STP was imposed nor the problem of people of Indrapuri ended.

For a long time, when the construction of STP was not started, the NGT got annoyed and asked the reason for the Delhi Jal Board. But this time the attitude of the Delhi Jal Board was only a trash. Delhi Jal Board told NGT that STP will be created by May 2019, after which NGT has directed to deposit Rs 5 crore as security for the CPCB. NGT has issued several strict orders to prevent pollution of air and water in Delhi-NCR, but due to non-availability of most of the orders by the government agencies, there has been no change in pollution situation.

The NGT had imposed a fine of Rs. 50 crores on the Delhi Government due to lack of proper arrangements for disposal of contaminated water from the industrial units. Two days ago, the NGT imposed a fine of Rs 1 crore on Delhi's Chief Secretary and Water Board. It has often been seen in Delhi that the number of STPs is either low and where STP is working, there is no arrangement for proper use after treating water. As a result, tapping of ground water in Delhi has increased.


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