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NPCIL in talks with US Co for civil nuke deal

Staff reporter, New Delhi
04/08/2017   2 Comments

Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) has been in discussions with Westinghouse Electric Company (WEC), United States to arrive at a viable project proposal for setting up nuclear power plants in India.  
The filing of bankruptcy by WEC has been noted. This would be factored-in during further discussions to ensure protection of our interests while arriving at the project proposals.


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8/8/2017 4:42:57 AM

Nuclear weapons bring nothing by destruction and chaos and not just once but for generations. They should be banned and dismantled. Pre-partition, India and Pakistan were one and the same. Why must either use the nuclear weapons to kill their former brothers and sisters? Ban the horrible weapons and spend the money on education and economic development.

8/7/2017 9:11:03 PM

Nuclear power in India is a source of concern for the country itself and also for the whole world. India due to lack of expertise and seasoned professionals along with technological disability will no be proven as a trustworthy partner. So international community before striking deals with India must turn back the pages and must know the real face of india where many people and villagers are still suffering due to radioactive leaks and improper operations of nuclear power plants.