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400% surge in data traffic in FY17: Minister

Anjana Das, New Delhi
12/07/2017   0 Comments

With data becoming an indispensable tool for the over a billion mobile phone users to be connected, the country’s data traffic peaked to 2988 million GB in the third quarter of 2016-17, a whopping 400 % jump over the first quarter of the same fiscal and the FDI equity inflow in telecom sector was at x4 times the amount in 2013-14 at $ 5564 million.
These numbers were cited by the Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha today while speaking on the strides the sector has made at a Departmental function.
Much of this surge could be attributed to Reliance Jio which started the trend in September 2016 with its entry into the market with free data for seven months till April 2017 and then cheap data thereon. This also forced other operators to follow suit and a trend appeared for high data usage as a result of new plans and prices by the operators.
“Äs of April 2017, the country has close to 1.2 billion telephone connections, including 1.17 billion wireless telephone connections and similarly witnessed the rapid growth of the broadband connections that now stands at 276.52 million. There is a six-fold increase in Data traffic in India from 561 million GB in the first quarter to 2988 million GB in the third quarter of 2016-17, which is a whopping 400 % jump. The FDI equity inflow in telecom sector from April, 2016 to March, 2017 was US $ 5564 million, which is more than four times the average inflow of about 1.3 billion dollars every year since 2013-14,” Sinha said. 


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