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DoT to seek TRAI input for new policy

Anjana Das, New Delhi
12/07/2017   0 Comments

Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha today said regulator’s input would be sought for the New Telecom Policy (NTP) and it would be more application driven to be in tune with current times and not connectivity focussed as was the previous policy five years ago.
“We will approach TRAI for their views on NTP”, Sinha said on the sidelines of a DoT event on HR.
He said the new policy will be applications driven as different from connectivity driven policy of 2012.
On the same event DoT Secretary Aruna Sundararajan said  soon the department will set up working groups and committees to start ground work on the upcoming policy which is expected to come up in 2018.
“We are commencing the work on NTP. We will be setting up the working groups. Then we will start setting up the committees which will start working on the NTP.  We will be in touch with TRAI for their policy inputs also. This time we intend to do the widest possible public consultations. These groups will not be only the industry groups. We will also have a series of regional workshops to get inputs from local stakeholders also. We will be working intensively over the next three to four months over the policy. We are hopeful that the we would have a new policy in 2018", said the Secretary.
She said the areas which the policy needed to work on for the NTP are – internet for all, telecom connectivity for all, universal connectivity, new technologies like 5G, IoT which will form the basis for the new digital India, getting more investments into telecom the sector we needed funds for continuous upgrade of the networks.
 In wake of various incidences of network security issues , Sundararajan said the DoT would set up a Telecom CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team)  as has been for one in the IT sector to safeguard security aspects of the networks.
“Telecom-CERT is already in works for sometime. As the industry grows and the network security becomes more important. We will need to have a dedicated organisation which can look into the security aspects of that. What should be the standards for telecom security, emergency response mechanism all that will be part of the new architecture of the Telecom CERT”, she said.
Earlier Sinha said the new policy has to be focussed on the end users and should look at the newer opportunities for expanding the availability of Telecom services.
The advent of high speed data services and enhanced expectations of the users to get real time on-demand bandwidth to run near real time live applications enjoins us to prepare new policies. For the first time, the Ministry has decided to involve a large pool of experts from outside the department to get more inputs from the citizens and stakeholders for the new policy, he said. 


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