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BSNL upgrades 32K exchanges to IP-based NGN

Staff reporter, New Delhi
04/02/2017   0 Comments

Telecom operator  BSNL is upgrading its over 32,000  old  telecom exchanges to advanced IP-based Next Generation Network (NGN)  technology which will offer  seamless  connectivity  in  voice, data as well as  offer  new value added services like Close User   Group  and  Multi-media video conferencing.
BSNL has plan to upgrade its more than 32,000 TDM based telecom exchanges with IP-based Next Generation telecom exchanges, it said in a statement. 
TDM is an old  legacy based technology  and  the telecom networks need to be upgraded to IP based network to support 4G, broadband, mobility and  other high-end handsets. 
The PSU said more than 15 lakhs capacity is already got converted into NGN. NGN Based Telephone Exchanges Provide both voice as well as broadband facility to the consumers. 
In addition to voice & data, several value added services which were not available in TDM technology are being offered to NGN customers. Value added services like “All India close user group” (wings CUG), fixed Mobile Conversion, (Wings follow me) Multimedia video conferencing, (wing conferencing) and Prepaid telephone.
These facilities are made available across India to customers who are migrated on NGN technology. To promote these value added services BSNL is not charging additional for prepaid services and discounted tariff are also made available for other VAS services. 


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