Violence at Sabarimala unleashed by Kerala govt: BJP

PTI/Agencies, New Delhi
05/01/2019   0 Comments

The BJP Saturday alleged that the violence around the Sabarimala temple in Kerala was unleashed by the LDF government in the state, which, instead of dealing with it in a sensible way, wreaked havoc, resulting in devotees being hurt and even killed. The saffron party also said the Sabarimala issue was about Hindus and not about the ruling party. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao in a press conference claimed that Kannur, from where Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan hails, had become the "epicentre" of the violence and this revealed the state government's complicity in it. Violence involving BJP-RSS and ruling CPM workers rocked politically volatile Kannur district in north Kerala on Saturday with a number of houses and shops of rival leaders and workers being attacked.

"All this has been done by the CPI(M) goons with the full authority and support of the state government. The CPI(M) has a history of unleashing violence against the RSS-BJP cadre, but today, they are not even sparing the devotees," Rao alleged. The BJP leader said the agitations at the Sabarimala temple were not political in nature, but peaceful protests to uphold the traditions of the shrine. "This is an issue of devotees, not an issue of the BJP. This is an issue concerning the Hindu society," Rao added. He alleged that the Kerala chief minister himself was responsible for the violence in the state, where so far, over 1,700 people have been arrested. "Pinarayi Vijayan's conspiracy in this matter is clearly visible. We condemn the fact that he has politicised the issue and is using it for political gains," he alleged. Rao appealed to the media to not see this issue from only a gender perspective. He said gender equality was an issue close to the BJP, however, this was a matter of tradition, culture, emotions and beliefs.

"Any government trying to thrust any actions on the devotees will only have negative reactions. He also said the Sabarimala issue, the triple talaq case and the Ram Mandir issue were three separate issues and should not be seen from a similar perspective. "It's not a question of having different standards. Sabarimala is about worship of god which falls under the broad perspective of religious issue. Triple talaq is about rights of husband and wife. If it was so integral to religion why would other Islamic countries ban it. "Ram Mandir is a great emotive issue and we are certainly in favour of building a grand temple in Ayodhya but the case in court is about a title suit. While this is also a matter of religion, but for the court it is a civil dispute. So these are three different issues," he said.


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