1.2 lakh deaths in India due to pollution, these states are the most 'poisonous'

Staff reporter, New Delhi
07/12/2018   0 Comments

Air pollution in India is proving to be more dangerous than tobacco use. In comparison to the use of tobacco in the past year, people were more ill with air pollution and consequently, one in eight people in India lost their lives. This has been revealed in the new study of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Most of the particles of air - PM 2.5 comes in contact with most of the Delhiites. After that Uttar Pradesh and Haryana are number one. It was said that air pollution was behind 124 million deaths in 2017. Also, in it, air pollution is said to be the biggest of the reasons behind the deaths in the country.

If the level of pollution was below the level of health damage then the average life expectancy was 1.7 times higher. Due to air pollution worldwide, 18 percent of people had lost their lives or fell ill before prematurely. In India, the figure was 26 percent. Last year more than half of the 12.4 million people died due to air pollution were below 70. It said that 77 percent of India's population came in contact with the level of air pollution outside the house which was above the safe limits of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAACs).


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