The WB government refused to allow Amit Shah's chariot trip

PTI/Agencies, New Delhi
06/12/2018   0 Comments

The state's attorney general informed the Calcutta High Court on Thursday that the West Bengal government has allowed the proposed 'Rath Yatra' proposed by BJP President Amit Shah from Cochabir that there could be communal tension. Kishore Dutta told the court that the Coochbihar Superintendent of Police had refused the permission of the BJP president's chariot trip from Friday. The state submitted that it may lead to communal tension.

Asked by the judge that if anything is unwanted, then take responsibility, BJP's advocate Anindya Mitra has submitted the duty of the State Government to maintain law and order. The attorney general opposed the BJP's suppression of the denial of permission and opposed the filing of supplementary affidavits and said that it can either come with a new petition or amendment in its petition.


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