2016 shapes a surgical strike in 'political property': Rahul Gandhi

PTI/Agencies, New Delhi
01/12/2018   0 Comments

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of turning the Army's 2016 surgical strike into "political property" and "failing" to create job opportunities for the youth. While addressing a gathering in Udaipur, Rajasthan, he also claimed that the non-executed assets of the banks (NPA) during the UPA regime was Rs 2 lakh crore and during the BJP government at the center it was Rs 12 lakh crore. Referring to surgical attacks on the terrorist pad at the LoC on September 29, 2016, he told the gathering, "During the Narendra Modi government, during the Manmohan Singh government three times a surgical strike was organized. Do you know about it ? Modi actually shaped a surgical strike in Army's domain and a political asset." Congress president alleged that BJP was contesting in Uttar Pradesh as the surgical strike was made public.

On Demon and GST implementation, Gandhi claimed that there is confusion about people. He said, "It was a scam, which opened doors for big companies, and GST broke the economy and broke the back of the common man. He opened the doors for big companies." Alleging that the BJP government at the center failed to create job opportunities for the youth When asked about data privacy, Gandhi said that IT companies have understood that India and China have big data. Claiming that though there are medical insurance plans like AYUSH in India, but there are not good hospitals in it, the Congress President said, "We can not run the country without pumping money in public health and education sectors." He said, "If India has the right government for the next 15-20 years then India will overtake China, those who have the skills, respect them, India will cross the Chinese."


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