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Udupi to get super specialty hospital

Staff Reporter, New Delhi
19/06/2017   0 Comments

President Pranab Mukherjee has laid the foundation stone to build a Super Specialty Hospital of BRS Health & Research Institute at Udupi district in Karnataka.

On the occasion, the President said that while advances in modern medicine and investment in health infrastructure have made many diseases such as cholera, small pox, plague, tuberculosis etc. curable and eradicated others, yet there remains a huge gap in our country in terms of access to medicine and health care. 

“This brings us to the larger and more serious question of the skewed nature of health care in India – both in terms of infrastructure and personnel”, the President said.

He stressed the fact that against the international norm of one doctor per 1000 population; we have one doctor for 1700 people in our country. The ratio thus stands at 0.7:1000. The situation is all the more alarming in the vast hinterland of rural India. 

Only healthy mind and healthy body can be the abode of God. Mukherjee appreciated Dr B R Shetty and his wife for their efforts in establishing this Hospital. 

He stated that providing accessible and affordable medical facilities should be the objective of healthcare in our country. 

He also emphasized that in case doctors are unable to save the lives of patients, attacks on doctors or any violence on the part of relatives of the patients should be avoided. 

The President also condemned this uncivilized behaviour and said that we should trust doctors who try their best to save lives and cure patients. 


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