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Govt mulls domain expertise for IPS promotion

Soma Chakraborty, New Delhi
15/06/2017   0 Comments

Aiming at promoting excellence in the police forces, the Government is mulling a proposal under which IPS officers will have to specialise in a particular domain and undergo mandatory training before being promoted to senior rank. A Bureaucracy Today report.
In the near future, the Government might make it mandatory for IPS officers to specialise in fields like cyber crime, counter-terror, intelligence investigation and VIP security to get promotion to the ranks of Deputy Inspector General (DIG), Inspector General (IG) and Additional Director General (ADG).
A proposal in this regard has already been sent by the Home Ministry, the administrative authority for the IPS, to the Ministry of Personnel for final approval, Bureaucracy Today has learnt.
The proposal makes it mandatory for an IPS officer to undergo a course to acquire specialisation in at least one chosen domain to qualify for a DIG-level post, two courses in a single domain or different domains before being promoted as an IG and three such courses ahead of promotion to ADG rank. 
The step was taken in furtherance to the annual DGP/IGP conference held at Hyderabad in November last year where it was suggested that measures should be taken to “enhance professionalism and excellence in police forces”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh had attended the meet with the Police Chiefs.
Observers opine that the move has made the message clear that in the Modi regime, performance will be rewarded and that merely having a long tenure left is no guarantee for a good posting. It will also make the officers more accountable, they say. 
The Hyderabad-based National Police Academy or the Bureau of Police Research and Development located at New Delhi might design and conduct the proposed courses aimed at developing the domain expertise of the IPS officers. A buzz is also doing the rounds that the Government might also rope in private institutes.
At present, an IPS officer has to undergo at least three mandatory mid-term training programmes. The first one is after seven to nine years in the job, the next comes after another seven years and the final one is on completing at least 24 years in service. These courses are linked to promotions and increments.
Meanwhile, to ensure professionalism at the entry or induction level, the Union Home Ministry is working on setting up a national-level police university where candidates will undergo training courses in police functions and skills before being inducted into the force. The courses may include subjects like criminology, criminal law studies, investigation skills and forensics. 
This was also one of the suggestions emerged at the DGPs/IGPs conference last year. At present, police officials are given training only after their recruitment to the force. 
The university, when set up, will give training at undergraduate-level so that the candidates are trained and qualified to join the police force right away.  
The candidates who will pass the proposed undergraduate degree courses will be eligible to be inducted into the police as officers. The Government is also mulling similar diploma-level courses for candidates eligible for constabulary posts.


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