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Water storage in Indian reservoirs plummet

Staff reporter, New Delhi
12/05/2017   0 Comments

In India the total water storage in 91 reservoirs under the monitoring of Central Water Commission was 37.718 billion cubic metres as on May 11, 2017, the Ministry of Water Resources today said.

The total capacity of these reservoirs is 157.799 bcm out of which 37 reservoirs have Hydropower benefit with installed capacity of 60 MW, Bureaucracy Today has learnt.

The Northern region of India which shares six reservoirs, the live storage presently available is 4.34 bcm out of total capacity of 18.01 bcm. Similarly, the live storage in Eastern region sharing 15 reservoirs is at 6.92 bcm out of total capacity of 18.83 bcm. 

Meanwhile the Western region that shares 27 reservoirs, the live storage is at 7.78 bcm out of total capacity of 27.07 bcm. 

The live storage in the Central region having 12 reservoirs is at 14.36 bcm out of total capacity of 42.30 bcm. The Southern region with 31 reservoirs is at 4.32 bmc live storage out of total capacity of 51.59 bcm.
The Ministry said that for the corresponding period Punjab, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Telangana had better storage than last year.

Whereas, Himachal Pradesh, Tripura, Uttarakhand, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu have lesser storage, it added.



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