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Diabetic kids can bring food to exam centres

Staff reporter, New Delhi
17/03/2017   0 Comments

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has allowed carrying eatables to the examination centre by students of class X and XII who are suffering from Type 1 Diabetes. 
Candidates are allowed to carry sugar tablets, chocolate, candy, fruits like banana, apple, orange, snack items like sandwich and 500 ml water bottle, Bureaucracy Today has learnt. 
Those seeking permission for the same will have to submit a certificate from diabetic specialist along with full diabetic history, nature of their diabetes and the need for snacks during the examination which shall be forwarded by the Principal of the school where the student is studying. 
The food items shall be kept with the invigilators at the examination centre concerned, who on their need, shall hand over the eatables to these candidates.
A worrying trend is that an increasing number of children are developing diabetes, with up to 90 percent of all childhood diabetes being Type 1, where children are dependent on insulin for survival. Most children with type 1 diabetes are not diagnosed on time. The awareness levels about the disease are not as high as they should be, a common assumption being that diabetes affects adults and not children.
Experts told Bureaucracy Today that the main reasons for diabetes among children are high caloric diet, junk food, inactivity, less outdoor games and more of indoor games.


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