Others delayed, BJP translated mandir docs for SC in 6 months: Amit Shah

Staff reporter, New Delhi
09/02/2019   0 Comments

BJP President Amit Shah on Friday blamed the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party too, besides the Congress, for delaying a verdict in the Ram Temple issue saying previous governments in Uttar Pradesh did not translate documents required for the hearing in Supreme Court for several years while BJP did that in six months of coming to power in Uttar Pradesh. Shah was in East UP on Thursday for his final two booth-president meetings in UP for the Gorakhpur and Varanasi regions. 

“For over five years, when BSP and SP were in power in UP, the translation of over 1.5 lakh documents of Ram Mandir case was not done by the state government. When Yogi Adityanath became the CM, I called him and asked him if he could complete this tough job. Our CM completed this in six months and put the translated documents before the SC,” Shah said in Jaunpur. “Congress lawyer Kapil Sibal” still tried to block the case in SC arguing it should be heard after the 2019 elections. 

“SP, BSP and Congress together delayed the Ram Mandir. All three parties should now clear their stand on whether they want the Ram Temple or not. Even if they say no, BJP firmly says yes to a Ram Temple at the earliest at the same spot,” Shah said. Shah termed SP-BSP rule as one of the ‘Nizam,’ an acronym he expanded saying “N stood for Nisammuddin, I for Imran, Z for Azam, A for Afzal and M for Mukhtar.


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