After the shock of the SC on rafale, the support of PAC to Congress

Staff reporter, New Delhi
15/12/2018   0 Comments

Even after the Supreme Court was shocked at the rafale Deal, the Congress has taken aggressive stance. After the Congress President Rahul Gandhi, Chairman of PAC (Public Accounts Committee) Mallikarjun Kharge said, "I will request all the members of the Public Accounts Committee to ask the Attorney General and the CAG to ask that the CAG on the rafale Deal When the report was submitted in Parliament. After Kharge's reaction, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said that if he does not get the report, then go to court and file affidavit or review petition.

Senior Congress leader Kharge said that he did not keep the things that the government should have kept properly in front of the court about Rafale. The attorney general kept in such a way that the court felt that the CAG report has been submitted to Parliament and the PAC has seen the report. He said, 'When the PAC investigates, it looks at the evidence. But the wrong information was given to the court and on the basis of which the wrong decision came. Kharge said, 'I am going to request PAC members that the Attorney General should be called and the CAG should be called so that it should be asked when it came to the report and when the PAC got it. 

In fact, on Friday the Supreme Court had dismissed the petitions of the Rafael Deal. At the cost of Rafale's court, the court had said, "The details related to the price have been shared with the CAG and the PAC has examined the report of the CAG." After the court's remarks, PAC Chairman Mallikarjun Kharge refused to appear before such a report. On Friday, Rahul Gandhi had said on PAC that in today's world, Modiji may have been sitting in his PAC Prime Minister's Office.


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