Meghalaya HC judge says India should have been a Hindu nation

Staff reporter, New Delhi
13/12/2018   0 Comments

In a controversial decision, a judge of the Meghalaya High Court recently had said that India should declare itself as a Hindu country, just as Pakistan had declared itself as an Islamic State. Meghalaya High Court Justice SR Sen made this observation while giving a decision in respect to domestic certificates. "Pakistan declared itself as Islamic country and India, because (it was) divided on the basis of religion, India should have been declared as a Hindu country, but it should be declared as a secular country. Remained, "Justice Sen said that Amon Rana's plea, which was denied by the State Government, by the residence certificate.

Judge Sen said the ongoing National Register of Citizens (NRC) procedure is faulty, "The current NRC process is faulty because many foreign Indians are made and the original Indians are left unhappy." He said that "a common law" should be brought to all citizens in the country: "Any person opposing Indian laws and constitution can not be considered as a citizen of the country." However, Sen insisted that generations should be allowed to live peacefully to follow Muslim and Indian laws living in India.


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