SC blames Bihar government for weak FIR in Muzaffarpur Shelter Home case

Staff reporter, New Delhi
27/11/2018   0 Comments

The Supreme Court has reprimanded the Bihar government in the Muzaffarpur Shelter Home case. The Supreme Court has asked the Bihar government why such a weak FIR was registered in this case. The court said that neither FIR nor sexual abuse was mentioned in the FIR nor financial irregularities. The court said that how the arrest of the Bihar government against the accused when FIR is not recorded is correct. The court, while reprimanding, said that new currents will be added in FIR within 24 hours. The court said that Bihar Police is not doing its job properly. The court said that FIR is lodged in the first line of FIR that 5 FIRs have been registered in 9 cases. Now this case will be heard tomorrow.


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