MACT award of more than Rs. 3 crores to families of three road accident victims

PTI/Agencies, New Delhi
24/11/2018   0 Comments

Motor Accident Claim Tribunal (MACT) has given Rs 3.07 crores as compensation to the families of three people killed in a road accident when traveling to Noida from Kotkapura in Uttarakhand. About six years ago, during a collision with a tractor near Bijnaur in Uttar Pradesh, MACT Presiding Officer MK Nagpal gave a total of Rs 3,07,27,000 crores to the next relatives of three victims. The Tribunal said that the accident was the result of "Careless and Negligence Driving Tractor" and the driver, owner and insurer - Oriental Insurance Company Limited - Oriental Insurance Company Limited - guided vehicles to pay "jointly and individually" compensation .

It combined the requests raised by the relatives of three victims and provided different compensation compensation to the families on the basis of income of the deceased. On December 29, 2012, Sandeep Bhalodi, Satish Kumar and Deepak Kanthola were traveling with two others from Noida to Kotdwar in Maruti Swift, when their car was hit by a tractor coming from the opposite direction. All five people were injured and bulldoise, Kumar and Cantolola were declared dead in the hospital. The tribunal handed over Rs 10,83,000 to the aged parents of 25 year old Bodrumi and Rs 53,65,000 to the 30-year-old Kumar's family. It awarded a software engineer, Cantola's elderly parents 2,42,79,000 rupees, which was 33 years after the accident.


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