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    The second homecoming…

    “Sometimes, life gives you a second chance, because just maybe the first time you weren’t ready.”

    The adage goes true for AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal who again swept Delhi for the second time in the just-concluded Assembly elections. His dramatic electorate debut and his spectacular win in the Delhi poll in the last winter had made seasoned political parties considering Aam Admi Party as a serious threat to their future. But Kejriwal’s political inexperience and his subsequent resignation from the Chief Ministership saw his party fade away. However, taking lessons from the mistakes, the AAP revamped its strategy and made a remarkable comeback. In an exclusive interview to Bureaucracy Today, bureaucrat-turned-politician Kejriwal admits his mistake and says that he later realized the blunder and worked on it.  

    The stunning win of the AAP in Delhi Assembly elections has put the common man back to the centre-stage of politics. It has put a huge responsibility on Kejriwal’s shoulders. Delhiites have given their approbation for a new brand of politics that they feel is conscious of the common man’s basic issues and sensitive to the causes of the marginalised. As the former IRS officer began his journey into politics for the second time, let us hope that the AAP will create a new template in politics and administration that can be replicated across India.

    Meanwhile, at the Centre, governance continues to be affected as key posts are lying vacant or are being manned by bureaucrats on an additional charge basis. A cursory look at apex statutory bodies like the CIC, the CVC and the NCERT reveals the fact that ad hocism has become a part and parcel of the top administrative system. We bring to the fore the disturbing trend of senior bureaucrats managing more than one post which is now becoming a regular practice in the Indian governance system.  

    We also take our readers through the lonely journey of Franco-Italian software engineer and whistleblower Herve Falciani who exposed the black money scandal and is formally assisting the Narendra Modi Government in unearthing the untaxed money of Indians from foreign accounts. His story, which is no different from the agony suffered by other crusaders against corruption in India, is a testimony of the fact how authorities of most countries try to muffle the rising voices against corruption. 


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