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    A new India in the making

    In the changing gamut of the nation's power elite where Prime Minister Narendra Modi “controls” all significant policy issues, his ministers have become secondary. It is the bureaucrats who are calling the shots in governance. Though officers getting an edge over people’s elected representatives in Modi’s scheme of things have raised eyebrows, his decision in appointing efficient bureaucrats with clean image at the top helm of Union Ministries is undoubtedly a welcome step. This is an indication of how the Ministries concerned are going to perform in the days to come. 

    The NaMo team is a combination of both high-profile and lesser-known bureaucrats. Our Cover Story attempts to acquaint the readers with the power-puff bureaucrats who are essential and important in Modi’s scheme of things of governance. It is also an effort to bring to light   those faces in the Modi team who are working silently behind the scenes to make the country usher in an era of unrivalled prosperity and catapult India to its aspired high position in the comity of nations. 

    Interestingly, three administrative biggies – Principal Secretary Nripendra Misra, Additional Principal Secretary PK Mishra and National Security Adviser Ajit Doval – were associated with Delhi-based think-tank, Vivekananda International Foundation, affiliated to the Kanyakumari-based Vivekananda Kendra which was established by RSS organiser Eknath Ranade in 1970. Though critics question Modi’s intention of picking his top team of advisers from an organization which has affinity towards the sangh parivar, it is too early to comment whether the Modi Government will have RSS influence on governance issues.

    Meanwhile, with the top level bureaucracy in India becoming more decisive and fundamentally incorruptible under Modi’s regime, corporates may like to adjust or modify their strategic policies. There is a general feeling that the NaMo team will put a clamp on the free flow of black money and as such difficult times are ahead for high-end luxury product manufacturers and real estate developers. 

    Though it is too early to say whether Modi will be able to bring the “steel frame”, which has been bent beyond measure, in shape, it can be said without an iota of doubt that a new administrative system is being put in place, perhaps for the first time since decades. 

    With the induction of honest and go-getters in his team, Modi has made it clear that at the end of the day only performance will matter. The officers should realise that only those bureaucrats with impeccable honesty, clean personal record and prodigious work ethic will survive and those who don't perform will be made irrelevant. It was high time they realised that India has started moving on.

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