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    And begins a new era of planning… 

    Marking an end to the Nehruvian era that pioneered India’s five-year planned development approach, the Narendra Modi Government has replaced the 65-year-old Planning Commission with the more contemporary NITI Aayog. The move is a welcome step as unlike its predecessor, the Aayog will take into account the views of the States and Union Territories before providing a concrete plan based on the changing global socio-economic structure and its impact on the Indian economy. 

    As Charles Lindblom once said, “Action and policies take time to take shape and are always incremental.” The exact mandate of the think-tank is not clear and only time will tell how the Aayog will keep up the pace with the varying needs and dynamics of the nation and promote inclusive growth. Our Cover Story is an attempt to get into the roots of why the initiative was the need of the hour. At the same time, it also brings to light the lack of precision in the mandate and scope of the new policy think-tank.

    Investment in India, which had lost the steam due to policy paralysis during the UPA regime, is apparently gaining momentum under the current NDA Government. The Narendra Modi Government’s approach to set the Indian economy on a high growth trajectory has triggered a new hope among investors both inside and outside India. However, to bolster the confidence of investors the Government should look into challenges being faced by the industries concerned while drafting new policies or amending the existing ones. More than India’s corporate tax law itself, it is its implementation that influences the decisions of foreign investors. Several initiatives are being taken by the Government to ease the taxation system. However, experts feel their impact is still to be seen at the ground level. Our Special Report reflects the corporate world’s wish list of what it expects from the Government from the taxation perspective so as to enhance the ease of doing business in India. 


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