Donald Trump told Nepal and Bhutan, Part of India, utter wrong also

Staff reporter, New Delhi
08/02/2019   0 Comments

American President Donald Trump has been a victim of criticism on social media due to his ignorance about South Asian countries. Not only that, according to the media reports, they even mistyped the pronunciation of the two countries. Donald Trump feels that Nepal and Bhutan are in India. They called Nepal 'Nipple' and Bhutan as 'Button'. Yes, this is not a joke. Trump has really said that. About this, Time magazine's correspondent has given information in one of his articles. Part of this article is as follows: During a discussion on South Asia, Trump's advisor brought a map that showed all countries from Afghanistan to Bangladesh.

Congress and intelligence officers involved in this meeting gave this information. According to him Trump finger pointed towards the map and said that he knows that Nepal is part of India, it was told that Nepal is an independent country. Similarly, he said that he knows about Bhutan, it is also a part of India, but then he was told that Bhutan is also an independent country. According to the news of Politico, in the year 2017, this briefing was done before Trump met India's PM Narendra Modi. In it President Trump called Nepal 'Nipple' and Bhutan as 'Buton'.

Meanwhile in the US Congress, Trump gave the State of Union address in which he discussed the US-Mexico border, foreign policy and several issues.President Donald Trump once again said in his State of the Union speech that he is committed to building a wall on the US-Mexico border. Speaking at the lower house of the US Congress House of Representatives, Trump said that this wall is very important for America because it will help in crossing border crossing illegal immigrants and drug trafficking.

President Trump has given the second State of the Nation speech of his tenure. Trump said that illegal immigrants coming to the United States is a major national problem. However, Trump does not call it a border emergency to make the way for funding the wall. Trump appealed to both Democrats and the Republican Party that they should work to resolve the matter by reconciliation till February 15. Significantly, Trump is often a victim of criticism in the social media due to his ignorance of strange statement.


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