Marshal Kim Jong, he has created a mask of Sharafat, then making the death luggage!

Staff reporter, New Delhi
30/11/2018   0 Comments

The whole year of 2017 was spent in this work, where the nuclear war broke out between America and North Korea. But in the meanwhile, South Korea, China and Russia interrupted and Kim Jong, sitting on a nuclear bomb, convinced them to come to the table of talks. Surprisingly, when Kim Jong joined hands with Donald Trump and blew up his nucleus site at the behest of America. When the world felt Kim has changed, but Kim Jong does not say what he changes. Six months later, Kim Jong returned from the face while taking a mask of Sharafat.

On May 12 this year, Marshal Kim Jong, the ruler of North Korea, had given a statement that if the weather was okay, the Pangiya-N nuclear test site in the country will be destroyed from 23rd to 25th May. And before meeting with US President Donald Trump in Singapore on June 12, North Korea's Marshal Kim Jong had promised to end his nuclear site in Pongye-ri.According to his promise, he even confronted the site of the Pungye-Re in front of the journalists around the world with many blasts. But this is Kim. Which comes out of sight. But do not understand.

America understood that he brought his enemy to the knees. But he forgot that Kim always has Plan B present. If Pyong-Ri's site was destroyed in front of the media cameras around the world. So instead of hiding from the world, he created 13 secret hideouts where he is pushing his ballistic missile program. The fact of DeKuclerification of North Korea is that he wanted to start his business again with Russia and China under the guise of exempting US sanctions by showing himself soft. Which was stuck due to American sanctions. But now it is known that they were all cheating. In fact, programs like nuclear weapons, missile nuclear materials, mobile launcher in North Korea are still in its secret hiding places in the mountains.

According to that report, there are 13 secret missile bases in North Korea. Their number can also be 20. Satellite pictures show that North Korea is engaged in a major nuclear campaign. North Korea has once again been involved in preparing nuclear warheads. After this disclosure about North Korea, the condition of the US President Donald Trump has become such that Kim Jong is not able to spell his name and is not able to swallow. Because before the meeting with Kim in Singapore, Trump had convinced the world that Kim has abandoned his nuclear program, keeping his point. So now, despite the sight of North Korea's secret missile program bases in Satellite pictures, US President Donald Trump is claiming the neutrality of North Korea's nuclear threat. Trump has so far made silence on this satellite photo too.

However, before these satellite pictures, the United Nations also issued a report in August that said that North Korea did not stop its nuclear and missile programs. In the 62-page report sent to the Security Council, experts had said that Pyongyang is exporting petroleum products, coal, iron, seafood and other products in violation of UN sanctions.From which Kim Jong, the administration is earning millions of dollars. Which he is using to continue the missile and nuclear program.


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