Merkel to open G20 after emergency landing in Cologne: Spokesperson

PTI/Agencies, New Delhi
30/11/2018   0 Comments

His spokesman said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had recalled the inauguration of G-20 summit in Argentina after being forced to do emergency landing in Cologne on Thursday due to technical problem. They told AFP, "We will not go ahead today." Following Germany's first post-war chancellor, according to tweet by German journalists on the Airbus A340, Concord Adenor, Merkel will leave for Madrid on Friday and will go on a commercial flight with the Prime Minister on a commercial flight to Buenos Aires. Chancellor did not confirm these reports. A senior journalist from the public national television JDF said that Merkel will spend the night in Bonn on Thursday night. The aircraft returned from the Netherlands and landed in Cologne because it was the only basis with replacement aircraft, the DPA News Agency said.


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