Trump renews China tariff threat before meeting with Xi

PTI/Agencies, New Delhi
27/11/2018   0 Comments

US President Donald Trump has said that Chinese imports are expected to move forward with increasing tariff of US $ 200 billion from existing 10 percent and while negotiating with trade from Beijing, threatened to impose tariff on all the remaining imports from the country. is. The Wall Street Journal receives his comments because he is expected to meet Chinese counterpart in Xi Jinping during this week's G-20 summit in Argentina. The two leaders are expected to discuss a trade agreement. Trump said that if the negotiation does not give favorable results to the United States, then it will also impose a tariff on the remaining Chinese imports which are not currently under duties. The US president said that it was "extremely impossible" that he would agree to Beijing's request to prevent planned tariff hikes.

They said, "If we do not make any deal, then I will pay $ 267 billion more on a daily tariff of 10 percent or 25 percent." He said that apple iphone and laptop computers imported from China could also be subject to tariff. Trump said that trade with China is a terrible one-stop road with a loss of at least $ 375 billion. According to Trump, the economic growth of China began with all the World Trade Organization, which they described as a disaster. The US president insisted, "The WTO is absolutely unfair to the United States, and they have to change their ways." Trump insisted that he wants a fair deal from China. Trump started a trade war with China this year, which saw the US with half of all Chinese imports in the US with tariffs. China has vindicated the tariff imposed on American products.


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