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Obama says sending troops to Mexican border is Trump's 'political stunt'

PTI/Agencies, New Delhi
03/11/2018   0 Comments

Former US president Barack Obama has termed as "political stunt" his successor Donald Trump's move of sending troops to the Mexican border where thousands of "impoverished refugees" are waiting to enter America, saying this is not patriotism. Currently, an estimated 5,000-7,000 people from three Latin American countries --El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala -- are marching towards the US through Mexico. Trump has deployed more than 5,000 military personnel on the border to stop them from entering. "In 2018 suddenly, they are telling you that the biggest threat to America is some impoverished refugees a thousand miles away on foot, got their babies with them. Broke, got no money. This is terrible. And that's not enough just to lie about it," Obama said at an election rally in Georgia. "Now they're sending our brave troops -- who, by the way, by law cannot enforce laws on domestic soil -- they're sending them down there for a political stunt when they could be with their families. The men and women of our military deserve better than that," he said.

Without naming, Obama slammed the policies of his successor President Donald Trump.  He said that there have been politicians who fudged on the truth and did not talk on the things they screwed up. Obama accused the Republican party of talking about an issue prior to the election and forgetting it immediately after the polls. Obama alleged that the ruling Republicans are trying to distract the Americans and urged the Americans not to get deceived. Obama said that the democracy cannot work when people just make stuff up and there's no consequences. "Not only can democracy not function, societies can't function. Marriages can't function. Friendships can't function. Businesses can't function if when you say something it doesn't mean anything. That is the moment that we are in in our country right now. And the only check on that kind of behaviour is you," he said asking people to go out and vote.


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