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Trump alleges 'far-left media' sows anger, division in US

PTI/Agencies, New Delhi
01/11/2018   0 Comments

President Donald Trump has alleged that the "far-left media" in the US uses tragedy to sow anger and division in the society, saying it spreads fake news which is the enemy of the people. The President, who has been at loggerheads with several mainstream media outlets including CNN, ABC News, The New York Times and The Washington Post, has quite often described them as "fake media". Referring to his visit to the Pittsburg synagogue where 11 people were killed, Trump said: "Yesterday's visit to Pittsburgh was about coming together as a nation to comfort and to heal. After this day of unity and togetherness, I came home and sadly turned on the news and watched as the far-left media once again used tragedy to sow anger and division".

Chants of "CNN sucks" broke out at Trump's election rally in Florida Wednesday night as Trump doubled down his attack on what he said are the "far-left media". He claimed that this is the greatest movement in the history of the US, and the media don't even refute that fact. Trump said he has taken aggressive measures against the terrorist groups that seek the slaughter of innocent people all around the world for lots of different reasons. Iran is a much different country today than the country that started off at the beginning of his administration almost two years ago, he said. "The left-wing media doesn't want to solve problems. They want to stoke resentment. It has to stop. They believe that progress isn't good for profit or for whatever reason it is they're playing their game. Our movement is about safe homes, great jobs for every citizen," Trump added.


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