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Committed to UN Peace Building: India

Amit Kumar, New Delhi
21/04/2017   0 Comments

As a member of the Peace Building Commission since its inception, India stands ready to work together with other partners to strengthen the UN Peace Building Architecture, said Tanmaya Lal, Deputy Permanent Representative of India to UN.
During discussion at the UN yesterday on the Peace Building Commission and the Peacebuilding fund Ambassador Tanmaya Lal said the Report of the Peace Building Commission provides a useful account of the activities of the Commission during the last one year.
Acknowledging the Report on the Peace Building Fund that gives a good overview of the Fund's situation and projects, the Ambassador lamented the fund crunch for peacebuilding efforts. “Despite the landmark resolutions adopted by the GA and the Security Council, the ministerial level pledging conference in September last year could only elicit half of the US$ 300 million goal, which was projected as the minimum amount needed to sustain operations for three years. India was among the countries that made financial contribution. “

He further added while there is a clear recognition of the importance of a comprehensive sustainable development, inclusive economic growth and political processes in preventing conflict as well as undertaking effective peacebuilding efforts, “The funding available for such efforts remains marginal, severely limiting the ability of the Peace Building Commission.” 

The ambassador said within the above serious chronic constraints, the Report of the Commission provides a useful account of its activities over the last one year relating to six African nations.

Ambassador Lal appreciated 20% of the Peacebuilding Funds were allocated for women's empowerment and that the Fund launched its first ever Youth Promotion Initiative. 

Stressing, the world has a collective interest in building and sustaining peace, the Ambassador said it is essential for the peacebuilding efforts to align themselves with national priorities and participation. This would ensure sustainable gains and ownership.

As the Report of the Secretary General notes, the Peacebuilding Fund's financial health remains in question.


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