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    February 2013

An efficient bureaucracy is a compliment to democracy…  


There is a complex relationship between politics and the bureaucracy. In 2012, when a young Akhilesh Yadav was elected the Chief Minister of UP by a huge majority, most people pinned their hopes on him to be an agent of change for the way administrative departments functioned in the State. However, a year down the line little seems to have changed. UP remains a ground for bureaucratic upheavals with officers lining up at the doors of Samajwadi Party politicians to gain cushy postings to serve their vested interests.  In this issue of Bureaucracy Today, we analyze this muddle of bureaucratic plum postings and political strings that have become synonymous with the State of UP. Its bureaucrats, it seems, are using their positions as a platform for gaining power for themselves or their political masters. With Akhilesh Yadav proving to be inept till now in dealing with these upheavals, an emergence of different power lobbies within the bureaucracy threatens to cause more damage to a state already plagued with various problems.  We at Bureaucracy Today strongly feel that a bureaucracy should serve the interests of the common man rather than becoming a battle ground for scoring points based on political affiliations of various bureaucrats. Such trends not only encourage corruption but also are harmful to the process of nation building.  We also interview Baroness Dr Sandip Verma, a British politician of Indian ethnicity who has emerged as one of the most prominent faces of British politics. Dr Sandip in her determined fight on the race issue and with her contributions to various sectors such as energy has ensured that Indians are looked on with respect and adoration all over the world.  Our Bureaucrat of the month in this issue, Shalini Rajneesh, has been instrumental in bringing about administrative reforms in the State of Karnataka. Her efforts have resulted in a tremendous increase in the speed of delivery of Government services and translated into smooth governance for the State. Such innovative bureaucratic models can be implemented in other States and serve as a source of inspiration to all. Sincere fortitude and hard work deserves appreciation and it is for this reason that our editorial panel decided to make Shalini Rajneesh our Bureaucrat of the month for February 2013.  

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