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    December 2012

Towards admirable success stories 


India is said to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world. As the fifth largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, we have observed an unprecedented growth in the automobile segment over the past few years. Even the luxury-car segment which till some years ago was the indulgence of a chosen few, has seen an impressive growth. Audi, the German automobile company, stands out with its rapid success in India.  In this issue we speak to Michael Perschke, the effervescent Managing Director of Audi India which is all set to become the market leader in its car segment. Audi’s journey has been a remarkable one as it has evolved from a non-entity till a few years ago to one of the strongest contenders for the top spot in the luxury car segment.  It has truly been successful in capturing the imagination of an India that aspires to be the best. Bureaucracy Today feels it is important to focus on a success story that in certain ways mirrors the growth of our own country.   UPSC reforms have been an issue under wide speculation in the recent past. While reforms to equip our Civil Services to suit our times are necessary, the present situation of secrecy and uncertainty has caused a lot of strife, especially among students who would be most affected by these reforms. In a special report BT speaks to various stakeholders about this reform process to bring forth to our readers the point of view of those who remain largely uncertain about their future.  In this issue we also speak to His Excellency Stewart Beck, High Commissioner of Canada to India, who shares with us his views on the ever growing and blossoming Indo-Canada ties.  Syed Akbaruddin, the Spokerperson of the Ministry of External Affairs, has been a prominent figure in India’s foreign affairs. We speak to this enigmatic and humble diplomat, who has made his mark by keeping a low profile and focusing on work.  He shares with us glimpses of his life and his views on India’s foreign policy in an emergent world.            Suhaib A. Ilyasi

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