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    November 2014

‘Indian(isation)’ of the Internet


As the ambitious Digital India programme rolled by the Narendra Modi regime prepares the country for a knowledge future, it is overwhelming to know that the Government is working on a project that would enable Indians to access the Internet in their native languages. In India where there is a huge diversity of language, the move will not only bring the world of web to the doorstep of the people but would also help the corporate sector to connect itself to the masses.  Imagine a scenario when each farmer from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh will have access to information from the latest research and useful technical inputs to increase his output, or a corporate giant connecting with the people in their own language. The move will not only bring a social revolution but would also be a huge boost for small and medium enterprises as they would have an added advantage of having local customers. In this issue, we bring an in-depth report on the technological revolution taking place in India that is destined to change the country’s Internet landscape forever. The Union Government’s ‘Make in India’ pitch seems to have found resonance in the country’s textile sector. As per official data, Indian textile and apparel exports rose nearly seven per cent during January-August 2014 and the exports to the US, the country’s largest single market are heading for a record surge this year. Taking the renewed buoyancy further, the Textile Ministry is reinventing the sector through technical advancements. Bureaucracy Today scans the initiatives taken by the Ministry and puts forth a detailed report on the steps being taken to provide the textile industry with world-class infrastructure facilities.  As the various developmental initiatives of the BJP-led Government usher in a new hope among the common people and the corporate sector alike, the party’s arch rival is battling for revival. Our Cover Story presents the mood in the Congress camp which is grappling with a leadership crisis and is struggling for its existence. A massive AICC reshuffle and an action plan for Congress revival are on the cards as the grand old party makes its blueprint to combat the Modi wave which has literally swept the Indian political arena.

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