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OYO tops in hospitality job-seekers list

Staff reporter, New Delhi
19/05/2017   0 Comments

The New-age hospitality start-up has joined global giants like Amazon, Google and Adobe in LinkedIn's Top Ten Rankings in attracting talent.
Action and engagement by over 500 million LinkedIn members have put OYO among the top 10 companies in India that attract the best talent, according to the second edition of the LinkedIn’s survey titled Top Companies 2017: Where India wants to work.
It is the only hospitality player among the top ten, rubbing shoulders with marquee global and Indian companies such as Alphabet, Amazon, Flipkart, KPMG, Adobe and Reliance Industries.
OYO has jumped 7 places to the 9th spot (from 16th last year) in the second edition of the LinkedIn’s survey titled Top Companies 2017: Where India wants to work.
“We are thrilled to be featured in the LinkedIn Top Attractors list for the second year in a row. OYO is an urban innovator that continues to engage world-class talent driven by commitment and passion to transform the world ”, said Ritesh Agarwal, Founder and CEO - OYO on the ranking released today.
Dinesh R, CHRO - OYO, said, “It is a matter of pride to be included in this august list. We have improved our rankings by moving up 7 spots to break into the Top Ten groups, marking a debut for the Hospitality category ”.
LinkedIn Tech Editor Adith Charlie said  “The list of market leaders in their chosen sectors represents the firms where LinkedIn mewith the company directly and retention.”mbers most want to work now. Our methodology takes into consideration three main pillars to uncover the companies our members are most interested in; job applications, both views and applies on postings; engagement with employees as well as with the company  directly.
In a short span of over three years, OYO expanded its network to become the largest hospitality company in India. The company is headquartered in Gurgaon, where employees work together in an open office comprising a cabin-less format with bench-like tables to encourage greater interaction, strengthen team spirit and ensure uninterrupted work. OYO pioneered the use of technology in budget-hotel operations and created a new kind of a hospitality company.
Recently, the company introduced OYO Captains, a unique concierge service to ensure smooth travelling and on-stay experience. OYO currently operates over 70,000 rooms in 200 cities in India, Malaysia and Nepal, where it recently launched its first hotel.


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