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Airtel No 1 in 3G/4G speed: OpenSignal

By Anjana Das, New Delhi
20/04/2017   0 Comments

Bharti Airtel has beocme the number one operator in 3G and 4G speed at 11.5 Mbps (LTE download) ahead of its rivals.

A report by UK based analytics company OpenSignal said "We measured Airtel's average LTE download speed at 11.5 Mbps, which was 3 Mbps faster than the results we measured on its nearest rivals Vodafone and and Idea. Airtel didn't just win our 4G speed award, it wound up on top of our 3G and overall rankings as well. 

The firm said 4G speeds in India are still very low where the global average is 17.4 Mbps. 

"While India's operators are competing heavily on speed, in the global scheme of things, India's 4G speeds are still quite low. In our speed analysis, all of India's operators fell well short of the 17.4 Mbps global average for 4G download speed", it said.

Jio which launched its service in September still it has managed to be on the top of LTE availability all over the country.
"Jio may have only launched LTE in September, but its 4G service appears astonishingly pervasive. Our testers on Jio's network were able to find a 4G signal 91.6% of the time, an exceptional availability. measurement by any global standard. In comparison, no other Indian operator scored higher than 60% in our availability tests". 

OpenSIgnal observes that there is a tight race for 4G dominance in four circles. 

"OpenSignal took a closer look at four of India's most economically important regions to see how 4G services stacked up. We found Airtel, Vodafone and Jio all performed well in those select circles, though in different metrics", it said.


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