Infosys offers e-courses for engineering students

Staff reporter, New Delhi
16/02/2019   0 Comments

Infosys has launched a digital learning platform, offering curated content targeted at engineering students in their third and fourth years. The idea is to create more industry-ready talent among fresh graduates. The InfyTQ (talent quotient) app, as it is called, was rolled out on Friday in Mysuru with 300 colleges participating in the event. Students signing up on the platform get access to proprietary course ware to accelerate learning, and deploy the knowledge gained on live projects. Infosys will provide a certification for some of the courses. In time, the platform will also morph into an additional hiring channel. The programmes will be offered free to students and colleges. 

The current courses are tuned towards getting the students trained on four key technology building blocks — programming fundamentals, object-oriented programming, data structures & algorithms, and database management systems. The first three building blocks are taught using the Python language. The platform also offers soft skills courses, including one on business English. Infosys will keep adding courses to benefit more learners. Infosys COO Pravin Rao said it’s a next-generation digital platform to offer the best learning and engagement experience to engineering students across India. “It offers a ready channel for students to stay connected with the latest developments. The courses available will eventually lead to certification that will make students industry-ready,” he said. 

The app, modelled on the lines of its internal on-demand learning platform Lex, currently offers foundation courses focused on understanding core concepts. The platform will expose students to virtually-simulated environments to solve hard problems faced by clients. “We will introduce leader boards, badges and other aspects of gamification to increase adoption,” Rao said. It will initially be available on the web and as an Android app. An iOS app is expected soon. 


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