Paytm founder knows the trick to make it interesting

Staff reporter, New Delhi
08/01/2019   0 Comments

Always one up for a lively Twitter debate, Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma decided to close out 2018 with a rather yummy one: where to find the best biryani. Sharma set the ball rolling a few days ago when he nominated his favourite restaurant for vegetarian biryani. Recommendations soon poured in with one user even offering his sage advice on the best way to savour a Hyderabadi biryani: mix the raita with the spicier rice and mirchi salan with the less spicy rice. 

When some users dismissed ‘veg biryani’ — equating it to a humble pulao — the staunch vegetarian was quick to endorse his choices. “Variations like soya and kathal biryani are nice alternatives to plain Veg or Paneer biryani,” he tweeted. In an interview last year, Sharma voted that the samosa should be India’s national dish because it is one Indian dish he sees most often during his trips abroad. Perhaps another contender is slowly edging its way up the founder’s list? 


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