The UK's Parliament Tucked FB Fun, Junkberg

Staff reporter, New Delhi
07/12/2018   0 Comments

The British Parliament has issued a 250-page document. This is actually a copy of the lawsuit filed in the US on Facebook. According to the report, Facebook made every effort to ban the release of this document, but British Member of Parliament Damian Collins has said that it has been posted online keeping the public interest in mind. This document contains Facebook's internal emails and other documents that were ordered to be sealed after a lawsuit between Facebook and an app developer. What is this document in which Facebook wants to stop issuing it. There are two foundings in this entire document - the first is the data about privacy and the other is a compression.

Facebook was sued due to data primacy and this document came in Lime Light. This document is from 2012 and experts are saying this document can be said that Facebook can put the user's privacy at stake for its growth. Member of Parliament Damien Collins tweeted In it, he wrote, 'I think the release of this document is in the public interest. These documents raise serious questions about Facebook user data that has been treated by Facebook. How does the Facebook app work with developers, what is the company's policy and how are they ruling in the social media market? A Facebook spokesman said, "These documents are misleading. Like other businesses, we also have many internal conversions. These are the ways in which we can run our business model properly. But the fact is clear that we have never sold data of people.'

There is an app developer named Six4Three who used to collect user's Facebook Friends information. This developer sued Facebook because Facebook blocked this app from Facebook in 2015. In technical terminology, Facebook blocked the API access. The same API was of Cambridge Unlita, which collected information about approximately 87 million users from Facebook illegally. According to the report, this document is being understood that Facebook was thinking about how to manage the data collected and how money can be made from it. Even before a Wall Street Journal report, some officials were thinking of selling access to user data. It is also in this document that Facebook had made a special deal with some developers so that they continue to access user data even after Facebook's strictness.


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