YouTube Channel PewDiePie and T-Series No.1 War

Staff reporter, New Delhi
27/11/2018   0 Comments

In the case of Subscriber on YouTube, there are two YouTube channels in the Race to be No. 1. For some months, these two channels have been struggling hard. On one hand, India's legendary music company T-Series, on the other hand, is a video blogger from Sweden's YouTube channel PewDiePie. Talking about the Fresh Subscriber Base, PewDiePie now has 71,939,650 subscribers, while T-Series has 71,736,543 subscribers. I.e. the world's number-1 YouTube channel is still PewDiePie, but it is expected that T-Series will overtake it and become the number-1 YouTube channel. There is a difference of only 2 lakhs between the two subscribers. It's a matter of subscribed subscribers, but it's not just that it's just on YouTube. In the real life, the fans are fighting on one side of the digital war on both sides so that the number remains on number one.

Posters are being set up, promotions are being given, and each other is being given to abuse. Miles is full of social media. PewDiePie is the world's number-1 YouTube channel for many years. But now the Indian music channel is growing rapidly to be on the T-Series number-1 and in such a way, on social media, people have made it a battle for India and other countries. People are promoting promotional social media to make T-Series channels number -1. Indian users who have seen PewDiePie channels are angry The reason for this is that they do much evil in India in their video. Perhaps this may be the reason that the number one Taj Indian Music Company is in the process of snatching. Interestingly, the videos in which they said bad things about India, that videos have become more hits, in such a situation it is also a fact that they are making similar video in this round.


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