Saveyra App Launches Worldwide on iOS and Android

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12/10/2018   0 Comments

Saveyra, the app and keyboard, currently supports Hindi and English. It features avatars and stickers depicting a variety of emotions, greetings, and expressions. Avatars and stickers are customized for the user based on seasons, local customs, and the user's design of the avatar. Dil ki baat, emoji ke saath. Saveyra's team is led by ESPN and NFL alumnus Manish Jha. A mobile industry veteran, Manish brings over two decades of media and technology expertise to Saveyra. "Saveyra represents dawn, a new beginning, full of hope and optimism. The Saveyra app infuses the distinct voices of India's diverse communities with a modern sensibility, a union inspired by the colourful history and tapestry of India itself," said Manish Jha, CEO of Saveyra.

"Designed to be fun and playful, Saveyra empowers a new generation of youth with a positive self-image. Rather than using technology to divide people based on gender, race, class, caste, religion, etc., the Saveyra team celebrates our differences, reminding us that the whole world is indeed one family," Jha continued. With offices in Bengaluru, Los Angeles, and Madhubani, the Saveyra team collaborates across the world to bring the latest episode of what our ancestors started thousands of years ago when they started drawing on cave walls. Saveyra supports the major communications platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Hike. Saveyra is adding new platforms all the time. Users can seamlessly browse for emojis and stickers within the keyboard and share their customized user created avatars.

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About Silvermine Group: 

Silvermine Group's mission is to unify the worlds of media and commerce. Manish Jha is the founder and Chairman of Silvermine Group and the CEO of Saveyra, the newest venture from Silvermine Group. Manish has over two decades of experience in the technology and media industry, with the last decade focusing on mobile. He began his career with ESPN as a Sales Analyst and worked his way up to Senior Vice President, in the fifteen years he spent there. Since ESPN, Manish has led both VC backed companies such as Vantrix and SkyWeaver, and internal innovation at large companies such as the National Football League (NFL) and Tremor Video (Now Telaria). He developed NFL's first mobile live streaming platform and at Tremor, industry leading video Supply Side Platform (SSP). Manish has received numerous industry awards and accolades and is a valued advisor to entrepreneurs in California and around the world.

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